Teamwork….From a Football Perspective

Did you watch the NFL divisional playoff games over this past weekend? I can tell you that the teams that won typically used teamwork to achieve their goals. That’s coaching, offense, defense and special teams. Take the Seattle Seahawks, who lost the league MVP Shaun Alexander early in their game, yet came together as a team and won their game to advance to the NFC championship game. Take the Carolina Panthers who had to go into Chicago and win on the road to advance to the NFC championship game, without their star back Stephan Davis and then losing DeShaun Foster to a broken ankle. Take the Pittsburgh Steelers who had the hostile environment of the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, the referees bad calls, an unexpected fumble and much more, but, managed to use all aspects of teamwork to advance to the AFC championship game.

If you had an opportunity to hear any comments after these games you would have found that players from the winning teams kept talking about how all apsects of the team gelled together and they found ways to win. Jerome Bettis from the Steelers talked about how he let the team down with his fumble that almost cost them the game, but, how his teammates rallied behind him and they won the game. If you heard the Colt’s Peyton Manning’s comments, in the same breath as he was trying to say he was being a good team mate, he seemed to point fingers at his coaching staff and offensive line when it came to their protection schemes.

Can you adapt the principles of an NFL football team in everday sales life? Positive mental attitude, listening to your coaches and peers, never say die attitude, focusing on the end result….winning! Use you entire sales team, your managers, your sales support system that is in place to create that winning attitude.

As the old saying goes, there is is no ‘I’ in TEAM. Keep in mind….teamwork is the cooperative effort by the members of a group or team to achieve a common goal.

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