Are you passionate in what you do?

Passion as described in the dictionary is boundless enthusiasm and the object of such enthusiasm. Do have passion for whatever is that you are doing? If you are in sales do you have passion for the sale? If you do have have that passion, it translates into many things such as monetary rewards, recognition, personal satisfaction, career advancement and the list goes on.

Consider what it is that you do and how you can apply that “boundless enthusiasm” to that job. Passion is not something that you can turn on and off if you are planning to or wanting to be more successful in your career. You will find that the top salespeople, CEO’s, managers in all walks of life and varying fields are excited about what they do.

I know that you are thinking to yourself, “Hey, I give 100% everyday in going through the functions of my job”. But, to be passionate about your job means so much more than that. It means that you are excited to go to work everyday for yourself, your company, your customers, your family and anything else that matters in your life. You go out every day in the hopes that you can help somebody else become successful as well. It means that you continue to learn about your specific field, the industry you work in, your customers and their needs and developing your own skills to put all of this knowledge to work.

There is no class, seminar or workshop to go to that will teach you or instill passion in you about your job or career. You have to look inside yourself to see how it is that you do your job. Do you do your job for yourself or do you want a co-worker, peer or customer to be just as successful or more than you? How do you think of your company as you do your job? How are you talking about your product or services? Are your excited about the prospect of helping others. Sincerely caring. When I have appointments, I want to help my customers solve a problem, get better service, increase productivity, etc.

So I will pose the question once more, are you passionate about what you do? All I would say is that you need to go out everyday and ask yourself that same exact question.

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