Providing Customer Service and Creating Customer Loyalty

I will start this story by saying that as a tech savvy person I was very confident that I can address any issue that I come across when it comes to computers and their related peripherals. With that being said, I had a problem that arose with my Epson Stylus CX4200 All-in-One printer.

This past Sunday the darn thing just decides all by itself that it will no longer apply ink to the paper. No matter what I tried it wouldn’t print. I started with the software side using the Epson utility that came with the printer. Nothing. I then went to the Epson support web site to use the online tool, interactive and a great resource, but, nothing. It recommends that I put all new ink in it. Brilliant. Off I go to Staples for the new ink and $56 later all installed in the printer. Go through all the steps. Nothing. Results of the online tool, call the Epson tech support line. Yikes.

I call today and after some number prompting for printer, operating system and the such within about 30 seconds on comes John, a very nice and thorough tech support person. We go through all of the steps and after about 5 minutes of troubleshooting it is determined that it is a hardware failure. Sounds expensive. He emails me the three closest repair centers to contact, 45 miles, 70 miles and 146 miles. I would have thought that was it. But wait, there’s more.

He goes on to ask if I would be interested in a new printer since repairing a 2-year old printer is really not advantagous, nor cost effective, and I had actually thought that myself. He directs me to the loyalty page of Epson and guides me through all of the printers available there at a discount as a great Epson customer (I am a long time user). I order a new CX9400 and it’s discounted, has a $50 instant rebate and they will ship it for free. I mention that I have just purchased all of this new ink to test the dead printer and he provides me with a reference code for printer ink for my new printer all I need to do is call when I get it. Now that is what I call going the extra mile and making sure that the customer is happy. I will continue to buy and recommend Epson printers and inks to everyone. That includes you. Go check out Epson today.

Are you meeting customer expectations or exceeding customer expectations?? Start creating customer loyalty and not just customer satisfaction. Today was a prime example of a great experience!!