What Are You Grateful For……

grateful_scrabbleIt’s Thanksgiving morning and I started thinking about the day and what it is about and what it means to me. Sometimes we lose sight of the holiday – maybe it’s about the food, the football, Christmas shopping today or planning the assault on Black Friday, is it family, friends, or a host of other thoughts that may cross your mind.

A word that came to mind for me was grateful. By definition it is – warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received; thankful. I think that we need to be much more appreciative of what we have, who we have around us and those that support us. Those that support us could be friends, co-workers, first responders, our military and I am sure there are people that support us that we are not even aware of.

So today, tomorrow and the day after that keep in mind, what are you grateful for? Think about ways that you can provide kindness and benefits to those around you. It’s the give to get strategy. Every day be thankful for what you have. I began thinking about my family, my friends, work relationships, customers and much more.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday! I know I will as I have the turkey and dressing working. Planning on spending some quality time today with family.