Do you have a Content Calendar?

If you are using any type of marketing for your business (social media, web site, email, print, radio, etc), then you should be using a content calendar to help you stay organized and proactively putting out fresh and relevant content to promote your business.

I recommend a content calendar. You set this up by the week for an entire year. This allows for you to load every holiday, special event, unique occurrences and really any instance where the promoted event would have an impact on your business.

A snapshot of the social media content calendar.

I would make sure and work at least one week in advance but realistically if you were 14 days out on the plan that would be much better. You don’t necessarily have to load something every single day, but, you could. This also gives you the opportunity to pinpoint where the content is going.

So for example, Sunday could be a Facebook post, Monday you send out an email campaign, Tuesday a Facebook post, Wednesday you update your web site and have a Facebook post, Thursday would be a Facebook post and a table tent created internally, Friday and Saturday would be 1-2 Facebook posts per day. If you have more channels that you promote in you would put this in accordingly, i.e., Twitter, Radio spots, Instagram and more. Then you put down where the content is going you would list the actual content going out.

You would also be able to track any metrics within the spreadsheet as well. It is important to measure the interaction you get with your audience – Facebook (reach, reactions, comments, shares), Email (open rate, click thru), Web site (traffic, stickiness) and internal POS systems (track promoted items, categories, times). You can never expect what you don’t inspect.

A simplified monthly overview using a blank template.

Using just a blank monthly calendar template could even suffice as long as you can keep accurate details of the marketing content you are putting out.


Want to get a content calendar in place for your business? Contact us and we’ll come in and do an evaluation of your marketing strategies to see how we can assist you.