Promotions to Run on Tax Day April 18th

Tax Day PromotionsTax Day is just around the corner! April 18th this year. Nobody likes writing a big check to Uncle Sam but there is some good news: Tax Day also means free stuff, promotions, deals, and specials abound. Restaurant customers are on the lookout for any deals that may be out there.

Here are a handful of ideas that you can do to promote tax day.

1. Have items that are on special for $10.40.
2. Promote using a word to get a discount, i.e., Tax Day or Tax Crunch, etc, via Social Media.
3. Offer something at half-price.
4. Have a discount for accountants that can show a valid CPA license.
5. Have a tax day coupon that can be printed or used via a mobile device for a discount.
6. Off items at an 18% discount.
7. Taxed Themed cocktails – the Rebate, Uncle Sam, IRS, The Man, and so on.
8. Provide a discount to tax preparers or have a drawing using their business cards submitted for the day for a gift card.

Have fun with the day and make sure that you get it promoted via your web site, social media channels and in-house marketing. Get your staff prepped so they can talk to guests leading up to the 18th.