12 Dazzling Strategies To Help You Increase Sales And Make More Money

Do you know what the two most popular words in the English language are? You guessed right if you said, “New” and “Free.” Anyway I just wanted to let you know that Jim Meisenheimer has written a new book titled, “12 Dazzling Strategies To Help You Increase Sales And Make More Money.”

And guess what? It’s New and it’s Free. But this new book won’t cost you a red cent!

Please keep reading. It’s a pretty good book, if I do say so myself.

It’s about 30 pages and here are 5 of the 12 chapter titles:
=> Set Your Compass Before You Set Your Sail
=> Forget Time Management Concentrate On Self-Management
=> Exploring And Exploding The Brand Called You
=> How Not To Discount Your Way Into Sales Oblivion
=> The Golden Question And How To Achieve Continuous Improvement

In addition to the 12 chapters, you’ll find an Appendix with 64 scrumptious sales tips ready to use.

The book is ideal for both “Newbies” and “Veterans” who have seen it all. It’s written by a salesman for salespeople. It’s easy to read and even easier to apply!

There are two things I want you to remember – actually three things about this “NEW” book.
1. This book is brand spanking NEW.
2. It’s FREE. Yup it’s Free. I’ve been blessed with a very successful business and this is a way for me to give back a little.
3. And it’s in that spirit you have my permission and encouragement to send this link to as many sales managers and salespeople you know – no limit.


Don’t waste any time – use this link and follow the simple instructions to reserve your copy right now.

The book is easy to navigate and very easy to use and read, right from your computer screen. If you prefer, you can print the entire book on 3-hole copy paper and put it in a 3-ring binder.

Once you download the eBook and get into it, please note that on the top of every page you’ll find an easy to use e-mail-to-a-friend link.

I hope you enjoy and profit from the information and if it meets your expectations I also hope you’ll share this link with everyone on your contact list.

Let’s go sell something . . .

Trust me, as soon as you finish reading this book, you’ll see a whole lotta selling going on . . .

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NRA to Launch New Web Site

Helping the consumer find healthful items through the Healthy Dining Program, a partnership with the National Restaurant Association. HealthyDiningFinder.com, which launches nationwide to the public this summer, allows consumers to search for restaurants that provide nutritious options, according to ZIP code, cuisine type, price range and other criteria. As three of four adults say they try to eat more healthfully at restaurants now than they did two years ago, it makes sense to sign up today. Visit the web site and check out the demo.


10 things that you need to know about your distributor..

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It’s the distributor’s job is to serve you. Your job is to place the orders, receive the perfect products when they arrive and keep the distributor honest by squeezing the best prices out of them that you can manage. After all, you’ve got your own customers—and profits—to worry about. Let them worry about theirs. No wonder the relationship can get tricky.

But the more you know about distributors up front, the better your odds of building a good partnership with yours. We’ve rooted around beneath the sales reps, the (sometimes) shiny trucks, the pricing strategies and the cost structures of foodservice distributors to…..get the rest of the story here.

What is Fair Pricing?

This is a question for the ages. Fair pricing? The company has an idea what this is. The manager has an idea what this is. The commissioned sales rep has an idea what this is. While in reality it is the customer that you are calling on who truly will determine what is fair pricing. Pricing is about perception.

Now, every company sells their products at a markup or margin over their cost. This is where the dilemma of fair pricing gets started. What is fair, 10%…20%…30% over cost. Once again, the customer will typically let you know what they believe is fair. Depending on what you are selling there is perceived value involved when setting your pricing. There is also other factors involved, such as, geographic location, customer type, volume, the item, the product mix, competitive pressures and the market conditions.

Value, by definition, is an amount, as of goods, services, or money, considered to be a fair and suitable equivalent for something else; a fair price or return. Providing value, i.e., exceptional customer service, on-time deliveries, quality products and value-added services allows for charging a certain price. Charging high prices without providing the much needed value is a recipe for disaster. It is a short term fix to increasing profitability and increasing commissions. Remember that you should be earning your commissions. Getting paid for that job that you do.

If you are looking to build long term relationships, create a steady income and enhance your companies profitability you must have fair pricing. Fair pricing is about value. Fair pricing is about consistency and integrity. Fair pricing is about balance.

Developing Your Network

In sales, the network that you create is the lifeblood of your career. It is the only way to consistently grow your sales and income year after year.

If you are a tenured salesperson you most likely have created and continue to have a very solid network. This is developed through years of relationship building.

If you are a relative newcomer into your sales position, you are probably in dire need of a solid network. You are asking yourself, how do I develop my network?

Let’s take a look at how to get this started.

If you have an existing customer base, that is the first place to start. I would recommend talking with each of your contacts about their network. If your customers are satisfied with your products and services this makes it quite easy to talk with your contact about their network that might have a need for your products and services. Nine times out of ten your will get a favorable referral from your customer when you ask them for their help.

This method works very well on many different fronts. One, you now have a contact name to go to the new prospect with which now makes it a warm call. Two, you can now name drop your existing contact as a point of reference and common ground. A small icebreaker on any new call. Third, you now may have your contact discussing you and your company with his network in support of your calls.

There are a wealth of other ways to gather information to start on your network, but, much more generic and quite a bit more challenging. There is the phone book, industry journals, local business associations, social events, lead generation firms, the Internet and of course the old stand by, the “Cold Call”.

So how are you going to start developing the quality network needed to launch and maintain your career? Just think referrals! And when those referrals become customers, you have an entire new group of satisfied contacts to harvest the next group of possible prospects.

I Believe

There are many things that make up the model of a successful sales person and I am sure that there are just as many perceptions as to what makes up that sales person. One of the key and distinct attributes that comes out in successful sales people is a strong belief system.

Whether you are working on selling to new business prospects, existing customers or just plain old networking, you have to go out every day with a very strong belief system.

First and foremost is a belief in yourself. This is in relation to your ability to believe that you can sell better than the next rep, take care of the customer better than anyone else, can impact a customers business and profitability, can impact your companies profitability and achieving your own goals and objectives. This comes across as confidence to your customers and peers. You also have to believe that you have the best products and services available on the market. Now this will come from real world selling, referrals, testimonials, training and your own success, but, you will always have to continue to want to learn about your products and services as well as making sure that you are monitoring your competition to ensure where you stand.

Do you believe that the company you work for is the best on the planet? This will go a long way in establishing your positive image that you want to present. If you are having a hard time in believing this, you may want to talk with your peers, the management team, the board of directors, etc. to get the thought process going in the right direction. Lastly, you have to believe that your customers will be better off using your products and services versus your competitions. Having a strong belief system will allow you to work in a very sincere manner with your customers and present that powerful, professional image that leads to sales success.

Customer Expectations

Creating exceptional customer service starts with you. Providing service to customers and prospective customers starts with you wanting to meet or exceed the expectations presented to you by the customer or circumstance. You will need to keep in mind that exceptional customer service is not what you believe it to be, but, it’s what your customer perceives it to be.

In every interaction you have with a customer, there will always be expectations that are set and need to be achieved. From the smallest of details like returning a phone call or an email to introducing a new product or troubleshooting an issue, there comes a certain amount of an expectation.

Your customer places their order with you on their regular day, at the regular time and for the regular scheduled delivery day. Seems like a pretty normal sequence of events for you and the customer, right. Now, let’s take a look at the expectations this scenario might create. The customer now expects the order to come on the correct day, at the normal delivery time, delivered by a pleasant and efficient driver, all the items ordered on the truck and at the correct and agreed upon pricing. If all of this occurs then the expectations are met and you have a satisfied customer in this interaction. Now I have taken for granted that this customer has those expectations I have stated.

Now comes the time when you can turn it up a notch and create that exceptional and memorable customer service by exceeding expectations and thereby creating more than customer satisfaction, you can start creating customer loyalty.

Take the same customer ordering scenario above and meeting those expectations. How would you start to exceed those expectations? You could always ask the customer exactly what they do expect out of this event, so, you could meet those and start to plan on exceeding them. Could you call to let the customer know what the truck’s arrival time is? Could you call to let them know of any delays in that arrival time? Could you call after the delivery to follow up on the driver, all items delivered correctly and complete or any issues to resolve from this delivery? After these calls are completed and handled accordingly with the customer, you may want to ask if there is anything that needs to be worked on so you can plan for your next scheduled call. Better yet, make an appointment outside of the scheduled ordering day so both parties can focus on the new project at hand.

Think about meeting expectations and gaining customer satisfaction or focus on exceeding your customers expectations and creating customer loyalty.