Top Priorities of Sales Managers

Ever wonder what to focus on? Here is a great article that sets you up to focus on just three important yet simple disciplines. Sometimes you can lose sight of the top priorities and spend more time on what I consider non-strategic tasks. There are times when you just have to stop with the task-rich job functions and focus on where you can truly move the needle. Enjoy!

The Steve Jobs Biography

Have you read the Steve Jobs biography yet?? It is on my living room coffee table. Can’t wait to dig into it as I have been a huge fan and supporter of Apple since 1995.

In the interim, I have read an article from the Wall Street Journal about utilizing the biography and applying some of Steve Jobs’ principles. Bio as Bible: Managers Imitate Steve Jobs.

You can get the book at by clicking on this image.

Customer experience and the company life cycle

You need to check this blog post out from Mark Hurst. Outlines briefly the company and/or product life cycle as it relates to the customer experience. Short, sweet and to the point. My take-away….a company must continue to evolve and focus on the customer experience because the life cycle product(s) won’t change. Create, develop, innovate to stay a long time participant in the business world. It’s about the customer and you can’t forget that!

Read the blog post here.

Compensation Strategy Thoughts for 2012

An area that needs tended to and evaluated periodically is your compensation program. Here are a couple of articles that will shed some light on commissions vs. bonus and then on the actual incentive program keys. Good timing as this should be top of mind heading into a new year. A great way to focus the compensation program to match company goals and initiatives.

Read commission versus bonus and then designing a world-class incentive program.